Sarah Seals has been named one of 8 Georgia Tech Sloan Graduate Fellows for 2017 based upon her academic and research record! Sarah will receive a stipend bonus and professional development funds for the next 3 years (thus the remainder) of her PhD! Congratulations on this honor!


Melissa is a guest on the WREK 91.1 radio station show "Inside the Black Box", describing the lab's research to the metro Atlanta listeners.


Joshua Lewis received a Young Investigator travel award to attend the Society for Redox Biology & Medicine annual meeting. In addition, his abstract "Genome-scale modeling of NADPH metabolism in radiation-resistant head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients" was selected for an oral presentation. Way to go, Josh!


Our collaborative project with co-PIs Cristina Furdui (Wake-Forest) and Dave Boothman (UTSW) has been awarded a 5 year U01 from NCI to develop predictive models of chemotherapeutic responses in head and neck cancer.


Match day! Andre Norfleet and Andy Raddatz are joining the lab as 1st year BioE and BME PhD students.


The Kemp lab is thrilled to be participating in the new NSF-sponsored Engineering Research Center on Cellular Manufacturing and Technologies (CMaT). This $20 million award brings together researchers to solve challenges in characterizing, modeling, monitoring, and distriubting materials needed to expand cell-based therapies. Melissa will be co-leader of Thrust 1, dedicated to integration of heterogeneous Omics data for identification of relevant biomarkers for critical quality attributes.


Sarah, Chad, Jakari, and Melissa attend the annual EBICS retreat at Calloway Gardens


Our lab is awarded an IBB seed grant in collaboration with Facundo Fernandez in Chemistry. Dr. Li Li and Sarah Seals will have internal funding to continue their amazing collaboration using the latest Bruker Rapiflex MALDI imager on campus! Here is a press release!


Kendrecus Weldon has joined the Kemp lab as our newest Project ENGAGES student and is mentored by Sarah Seals. Read here for more information on this amazing program. Our lab is proud to be participants!


Jakari Harris joins our lab as a summer REU from Hampton University. She is being co-mentored by Josh Lewis and Sarah Seals


Linda Kippner successfully defends her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering with the thesis titled "Investigating the functional consequences of heterogeneity within immune cell populations". Linda has served as a mentor, instructor, consultant, and lab mom for many students that have passed through the group and will be irreplacable. Congratulations, Linda!


Undergraduate Yeshy Manoharan is named the inaugural Stephen E. Brossette Scholar for his interdisciplinary research in biology and computing. Congratulations, Yeshy!


Melissa will be presenting our EBICS work in a special session on cellular machines at AAAS in Boston.


Two of our undergraduate BME researchers, Melody Shao and Nicholas Peterman, received Presidential Undergraduate Research Awards for their projects this spring. Congratulations to both of them for this honor!


Dr. Chenyi Pan wins one of the poster awards at the Georgia Bio Innovation Summit for his poster "Intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species Associated with Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation". Congratulations!


A multi-year team effort by Catherine, Ariel, Maggie, Abby, and Anish has finally come to fruition. Our publication "Calcium dynamics of ex vivo long-term cultured CD8+ T cells are regulated by changes in redox metabolism" is now available on PLoS One's website.


Another milestone for the lab as Ariel Kniss-James defends her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering with the dissertation titled "Analysis of Calcium and Hydrogen Peroxide Frequency Responses in T cells at Single-Cell Resolution via Microfluidic Traps". Ariel is entering medical school at Vanderbilt University this summer following graduation. Congratulations on an impressive body of work!


Integrative Biology selects our paper on multicellular patterning as one of their top cancer-related articles. Read more about it here!


Georgia Tech News Office issues a press release on our Scientific Reports paper. You can read it here.


Our paper describing a microtubule-bound hydrogen peroxide sensor in collaboration with the Payne lab is accepted to Scientific Reports. Co-first author is undergraduate Tatiana Netterfeld, the first time an undergrad in the lab has headed a manuscript. Congratulations to Tatiana and Saheli Sarkar for this outstanding work!


October has been a big month for the lab. Two major NIH awards with Kemp lab participation are announced. A transformative R01 led by Tom Barker in pulmonary fibrosis (press release here) and the National Exposure Assessment Laboratory at Emory (NEALE), part of the new NIEHS Children's Health Exposure Analysis Resource (press release here). We are excited to be participants in the Director's Common Fund for High Risk High Reward research once more.


Gaurav Dwivedi's manuscript "Dynamic Redox Regulation of IL-4 Signaling" is accepted in PLoS Computational Biology. This marks the culmination of many years of Gaurav's Ph.D. Great job, Gaurav!


IBB issues a press release on our Integrative Biology paper. Read more about our pattern recognition platform here.


Back-to-school celebration! The Kemp lab celebrates our new space with new lab members and local lab alums. And we're the first group to party in the 3rd floor kitchen!


Chad Glen presents at the 9th Annual Q-Bio conference in Blacksburg, VA with his poster "Variable gap junction communication within embryonic stem cell colonies"


Adam Prasanphanich presents a summary of his Ph.D. work with the talk "A Novel Computational Approach to Investigate Mechanisms of Drug Resistance Population Formation" at the annual MSTP retreat held at the Dolce Atlanta Peachtree resort in Peachtree City, GA.


Ariel Kniss presents at the Society of Mathematical Biology on her T cell frequency analyses.


We've moved! The lab has relocated to the new Engineered Biosystems Building, adjacent to our former home of the Petit Building. More info will be forthcoming shortly on how to reach us.


Douglas White defends his doctoral dissertation "Analyzing Multicellular Interactions: A Hybrid Computational and Biological Pattern Recognition Approach" to a packed audience in the Suddath Room. This project was a new venture for both the McDevitt and Kemp labs and has led to exciting new research directions. Well done on pioneering a new path, Doug!


Douglas White receives a prestigious graduate fellowship from the Atlanta ARCS chapter. You can read more about his honor at the McDevitt lab, where he has jointly conducted his graduate research.


Adam Prasanphanich defends his doctoral dissertation "Dynamic Redox Signaling During TGF-Beta Induced Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition" in partial fulfillment of the Emory Medical Scientist Training Program. Adam has been a mainstay in our lab for many years and we will miss him as he returns to medical school to complete his dual degree. Congratulations, Adam!


Ariel Kniss is awarded as one of 4 inaugural students selected for an NIH T32 competitive training grant in Computational Biosciences at Georgia Tech. She will join other graduate students across the Colleges of Science, Engineering, and Computing for this program.


Melissa Kemp gives an invited talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Drug Metabolism in Holderness, NH.


Ariel Kniss is awarded a $15K supplemental scholarship for her graduate studies through the Georgia P.E.O. chapter. You can read more about her honor here:

Congratulations, Ariel!


Gaurav Dwivedi successfully defends his Bioinformatics Ph.D. "Computational modeling of the IL-4 pathway to understand principles of systemic redox regulation in cell signaling". Gaurav is the 3rd PhD to graduate from our lab. We will sorely miss his humor, modeling expertise, and generosity in helping others. Thanks for being such a great contributor to the lab all these years!


Douglas White receives a student travel award for his talk "Quantitatively Assessing Spatial Patterns of Differentiation in Aggregates of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells" at TERMIS-AM!


Tatiana Netterfield is honored with a Presidential Undergraduate Research Award for the spring term. She will continue to work with Saheli Sarkar on quantifiying peroxisome properties via live cell imaging.


Douglas White is selected for the Medtronic Excellence in Modeling award at the 2013 Annual BMES meeting. He will receive a $2500 check at the conference in Seattle in September. Congratulations, Doug!

Michael Butler receives the BME Outstanding Academic Award for graduating seniors! This is the fourth year in a row that an undergrad from our lab has been recognized in the BME senior excellence awards. We are truly honored to work with such talent!

Catherine Rivet is recognized as the winner of the best Bioengineering PhD thesis at Georgia Tech for 2012. Catherine receives a $1000 award for this recognition of such outstanding work!

Saheli Sarkar's abstract at BMES was selected as one of the top abstracts in the Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering track. Her invited paper "Conditioned media downregulates expression of Nrf2" was just accepted for a special issue of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. Congrats, Saheli!

Margaret Phillips Gran and Saheli Sarkar attend the Thiol-based Signaling Gordon Research Conference. Maggie gave a platform presentation on her project.

Melissa, Ariel and Doug travel to UIUC to participate in the 2nd annual Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems meeting.

Catherine Rivet successfully defends her Ph.D. in bioengineering. She is the second doctoral graduate of the lab and sets a high bar for those following her trail!

Melissa Kemp is named 2012 Best Graduate Advisor in the Bioengineering PhD program. This comes with a $1000 cash award.

Adam Prasanphanich presents his poster "Redox Regulation Permits Context-Dependent Modulation of Cellular Response to Low Dose TGFβ Treatment" at the Systems Biology of Human Disease meeting in Heidelberg, Germany.

Douglas White presents his poster "Analyzing the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation in 3D Environments via Rules-Based Computational Modeling" at the International Conference on Stem Cell Engineering in Seattle, WA.

Ariel Kniss is awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Way to go!!

Melissa travel to Philly to visit the UPenn Bioengineering department and give a seminar.

Willa Ni is named the 2012 BME Outstanding Senior. The award is given to the student that not only excels in academics, leadership, and research, but also shows a genuine interest in improving the BME community. Well deserved, Willa!

Melissa Kemp is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, effective 7/1. Thanks for everyone's hard work to make the lab a success!

Catherine Rivet delivers the 2012 Suddath Lecture as the student award winner from last year. Her lecture is titled "Investigation of altered signaling pathways in aging T cells using microfluidic platforms and computational modeling"

Melissa Kemp co-hosts a Quantitative Redox Biology workshop in conjunction with the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine meeting being held in Atlanta. Garry Buettner, Dean Jones, and Young-Mi Go are the other organizers.

Michael Butler is selected as a Petit Undergraduate Research Scholar. He will continue his work with Adam Prasanphanich on the characterization of intracellular oxidation during TGF-beta signaling. Congrats, Michael!

4 students from the lab attend BMES in Hartford, CT. Douglas White, Willa Ni, and Debika Mitra presented posters and Adam Prasanphanich gave a platform oral presentation.

A collaborative R21 grant from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering has been awarded to Julia Babensee (PI) and Melissa Kemp. This project, at the interface of immunology, systems biology, and biomaterials, will use computational analyses of dendritic cell (DC) responses to infer the receptors that DCs use to recognize and respond to biomaterials. Please see the positions page for more information on an available postdoc.

Our work on lentiviral perturbations of redox couples has been accepted for publication in BMC Systems Biology. Linda Kippner spearheaded this project with help from former lab members Nnenna Finn and Shreya Shukla.

Gaurav Dwivedi's paper "Systemic Redox Regulation of Cellular Information Processing" has been accepted for publication in Antioxidants & Redox Signaling. It is available as a pre-print online:

Debika Mitra and WIlla Ni have had their poster abstracts accepted to the undergraduate session at the annual BMES meeting. They will be joining Douglas White and Adam Prasanphanich in representing the lab at the conference in October in Hartford, CT.

Catherine Rivet and Gaurav Dwivedi are presenting posters at this year's annual QBio conference in Sante Fe.

Catherine Rivet's work on single cell traps has been accepted to Analytical Chemistry. It hit the news even before the paper is in press - you can read about it here:

A 4-year, $1,000,000 NIH grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease has been awarded to Melissa Kemp (PI), Hang Lu, and Niren Murthy to develop new technologies for investigating spatiotemporal regulation of reactive oxygen species during T cell activation. We will be posting more information about this project under the research as it gets underway. Check back shortly!

Debika Mitra, Willa Ni, and Michael Butler receive Presidential Undergraduate Research Awards for the fall semester. Congratulations to all three of them, they collectively have logged many semesters as undergraduate members of the lab!

Catherine Rivet is delivering an oral presentation at the Cold Spring Harbor meeting this weekend on single cell analysis.

Dr. Margaret Phillips joins the lab from University of Texas, where she recently completed her PhD in biomedical engineering. Maggie will be investigating T cell signaling dynamics that are under redox control.

Nnenna Finn successfully defends her PhD for the joint Georgia Tech/Emory BME graduate program. Congratulations on being the first in the lab, Nnenna!

Dr. Saheli Sarkar joins the lab from Case Western Reserve University, where she recently completed her PhD in biomedical engineering. Saheli will be working jointly with the Payne lab on intracellular thioredoxin dynamics.

Our streak continues! Abby Hill wins the BME department Best Undergraduate Research award. She will receive a $250 prize, well-deserved for her many dedicated hours with the lab over the past two years!

Catherine Rivet is named the winner of the 2011 IBB Suddath Student Award, one of the highest honors for a graduate student in the biosciences/bioengineering at Georgia Tech. She will receive $1500 for research and travel and will deliver a special seminar next spring on her work. Congratulations!

We have a press release on our paper this month in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics.

Melissa Kemp is awarded the Georgia Tech Undergraduate Research Mentor award for junior faculty across the university.

Catherine Rivet's and Abby Hill's manuscript "Predicting cytotoxic T cell age from multivariate analysis of static and dynamic biomarkers" has been accepted to Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. You can check it out here.

Phillip Lee is awarded the runner-up prize (and $250) at the annual Georgia Tech Bioinformatics poster session.

Willa Ni and Debika Mitra have received the President's Undergraduate Research Award for the Spring 2011 semester!

Phillip Lee has been awarded a Computational Biology Faculty Graduate Research Assistantship by the Department of Biology.

Ailia Gardezi has been selected to participate in the 2010-11 Graduate Leadership Program. She will be traveling to a weekend retreat at Callaway Gardens this month as part of the program.

Katie Brasuk and Abby Hill have both received President's Undergraduate Research Award for the Fall 2010 semester.

Melissa Kemp has been selected to receive the Council for Systems Biology in Boston (CSB2) Prize for Innovative Measurement Methods. As this year’s recipient, she will deliver a plenary talk at the Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease (June 13-15) at Harvard Medical School.

Phillip Lee has been awarded a Computational Biology Faculty Graduate Research Assistantship by the Department of Biology. This award is designed for Bioinformatics master's students to conduct research during the summer term.

Ted Chen is awarded a National Science Foundation graduate fellowship. He will be enrolling in the Bioengineering Ph.D. program at University of Washington in the fall to study biomaterials and tissue engineering. Congratulations, Ted!

Ted Chen is selected by the College of Engineering as a winner of the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award! This award comes with a $250 cash prize. Ted will be honored at a reception following the Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium on 3/16.

The NSF Science and Technology Center "Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems" between MIT, UIUC, and Georgia Tech, has been funded for 5 years and 25 million dollars. Here are links to the press releases:
The Kemp lab will be involved in developing the enabling computational modeling technologies needed to design and assemble complex multicellular biological machines.

Nnenna Adimora's manuscript "A model of redox kinetics implicates the thiol proteome in cellular hydrogen peroxide responses" has been accepted to Antioxidants & Redox Signaling. You can check it out here.

Katie Brasuk and Debika Mitra received President's Undergraduate Research Award for the Spring 2010 semester. Congratulations to both of you!

Dr. Don-Ricardo Miller is awarded a Young Investigator award at the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine's 2009 meeting!

Willa Ni is accepted into the prestigious Undergraduate Research Scholar program run by IBB. This is the second year in a row that we have an award winner with a full year of sponsored undergraduate research and a $3000 summer stipend. Congratulations, Willa!

Don-Ricardo Miller's abstract is accepted to the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine annual meeting, to be held in San Francisco Nov. 18-22.

Melissa Kemp is honored with a NIH Director’s New Innovator Award!
Press release information:

Abby Hill's poster abstract, titled "Quantification of Senescence in Cultured Primary T Cells", was accepted for the fall meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Congratulations!

Gaurav Dwivedi presents his poster "Redox regulation of phosphatases as a mechanism for activating the MAPK cascade" at the Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering biannual symposium, held in Denver, CO.

Dr. Don-Ricardo Miller joins the group as a postdoc, advised jointly with Christine Payne. Don will be working on cellular imaging of protein movement during oxidative stress

Catherine Rivet successfully completes her qualifying exam in the Bioengineering Ph.D. program. Great job, Catherine!

Ted Chen receives a President's Undergraduate Research Award for the Spring 2009 semester. This is his second year in a row to receive this competitive honor.

Catherine Rivet successfully defends her M.S. thesis "Study of early signaling events in T cell activation enabled through a modular and multi-time point microfluidic device". She's the first to get a degree awarded from research in the lab!

Abby Hill is designated an Undergraduate Research Scholar in IBB. This award is for a full year of undergraduate research and a $4000 summer stipend. Congratulations, Abby!

Ted Chen receives a PURA travel award to participate in the BMES annual meeting.

Our grant on microfluidic devices for assessing T cell functionality (Hang Lu, Melissa Kemp co-PI's) is awarded by the National Cancer Institute's Innovative Technologies for Molecular Analysis of Cancer Progam.

Congratulations to John Vaughns for his Fall 2008 President's Undergraduate Research Award!

Melissa Kemp and Hang Lu receive pilot funding from the Integrative BioSystems Institute

Nnenna Adimora is awarded a NSF Graduate Fellowship!

Congratulations to Karen Shih for her Spring 2007 President's Undergraduate Research Award!

Melissa Kemp is named a Distinguished Cancer Scholar by the Georgia Cancer Coalition

Congratulations to Ted Chen for his Fall 2007 President's Undergraduate Research Award!

Lewis J.E., Costantini F., Mims J., Chen X., Furdui C., Boothman D.A., Kemp M.L. “Genome-scale modeling of NADPH-driven β-lapachone sensitization in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma”. Antioxidant Redox Signaling. doi:10.1089/ars.2017.7048, 2017.

Kniss-James, A.S., Rivet, C.A., Chingozha, L., Lu, H., Kemp, M.L. “Single-cell resolution of intracellular T cell Ca2+ dynamics in response to frequency-based stimulation”. Integrative Biology, DOI: 10.1039/C6IB00186F, 2017.

Prasanphanich, A.F., White, D.E., Gran, M.E., Kemp, M.L. “Kinetic Modeling of ABCG2 Transporter Heterogeneity: A Quantitative, Single-Cell Analysis of the Side Population Assay”. PLoS Computational Biology, Nov 16;12(11):e1005188, 2016.